Associate Director for Licensing

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) invites applications for the Associate Director for Licensing, BioVentures. This position has direct responsibility for providing a full range of intellectual property and technology transfer services, which will include the marketing and licensing of intellectual property from University investigators. This position will interact with investigators and industrial representatives seeking to license intellectual property from the University and act on behalf of BioVentures in negotiating agreements with industry and other universities. This position represents BioVentures’s interests from a patent and IP protection policy side and coordinates with staff in Research Support with regard to creating standard consultation agreements for faculty, and for monitoring and contributing to the University’s engagement in MOUs, IIAs, MTAs, Collaborative Research Agreements and agreements where generation or disposition of IP is a possible outcome. Additional responsibilities include educating the university and community on intellectual property, entrepreneurship and our technology transfer program.

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BioVentures was established as a formal outgrowth of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences‘ (UAMS) interest in promoting a biomedical technology industry for Arkansas and translating its research into products that benefit human health. UAMS established BioVentures to maximize global, industrial interaction with the University of Arkansas faculty, as well as to facilitate technology transfer, the development of startup companies that are based on technology developed at UAMS, and contributions to Arkansas’ economic development. BioVentures links the research minds at UAMS to global markets in order to advance Arkansas’ scientific and economic development.