Spinoff Companies

Logo - ATD
Acetaminophen Toxicity Diagnostics, LLC*
Developing a rapid point-of-care diagnostic dipstick test for detecting acetaminophen poisoning.

Agathera Therapeutics, Inc.*
Developing carbohydrate-mimetic peptides as a new immunomodulatory vaccine for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Air Toco, LLC*
Developed a disposable air/pneumatic tocodynamometer device for use in monitoring and recording uterine contractions during labor.

Amigos Solutions, LLC*
Developing a device for protecting a patient’s hand and arm during surgery, medical treatment, and transport.

Logo - Angel Eye
Angel Eye Camera Systems, LLC
Healthcare technology company developed an innovative NICU Camera System with audio.

Logo - Ascendant
Ascendant Dx, LLC*
Developing a device to diagnose breast cancer using tears.

Logo - Omnibalm
Balm Innovations, LLC
Company offers foot care and skin relief creams using proprietary formulas developed by pharmacists.

BioBotic Solutions, LLC*
Developing containers and robotics to automate tissue handling in pathology laboratories.

Logo - ContourMed
ContourMed, Inc.
ContourMed creates the most life-like look and feel custom breast prostheses available in the world.

Logo - CTEH
Science-based environmental consulting firm established to provide toxicology and human health consulting services.

Developing educational programs for preschool and elementary school children. WISE™ promotes healthy food attitudes for programs serving children and Family Map™ is an assessment tool to identify family needs and strengths.

Dialectic Therapeutics, LLC*
Developing novel, small molecule, bivalent degraders of anti-apoptotic BCL-2 proteins as for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Logo - eDoc
eDoc America, Inc.
Unlimited email access to board certified experts who provide personal answers to all health related questions.

Logo - Elder Stay At Home
Elder Stay At Home, LLC
The nation's premier home caregiver training program.

Logo - Ezra Innovations
Ezra Innovations, LLC
Ezra develops, manufactures, and offers innovative drug delivery technology and equipment.

Logo - HD Nursing
HD Nursing, LLC
Falls Management Solution Company dedicated to improving falls and injury management across the continuum of care.

Logo - Intervexion
InterveXion Therapeutics, LLC
Develops antagonist therapies that neutralize toxins in the body using monoclonal antibody (mAb) and an active vaccine for treating methamphetamine (METH) abuse.

IRV (Veinsite by VueTek)
Veinsite allows clinicians to detect difficult to see veins, valves, bifurcations, and possible hematoma on patient types ranging from neonates to elderly.

Logo - PhytoTek
Developing new plant-based biofilm inhibitors useful for preventing staph infection.

Logo - PinPoint Testing
PinPoint Testing, LLC
Advice and reagents to detect new and emerging drugs of abuse in critical blood and urine samples.

Logo - Rejuvenix
Rejuvenix Technologies, LLC
Developing targeted drug delivery methods to deliver chemotherapeutic agents directly to the site of a tumor through the use of therapeutic radiation.

Logo - RxResults
RxResults is a next-generation Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management company.

Logo - Safe Foods
Safe Foods, Inc.
Safe Foods offers a cadre of synergistic food safety solutions to food processors around the world.

SeqRx, LLC*
Developing therapeutics derived from natural products for the treatment of leuchemia.

Logo - Stage I (Current 08-19-13)
Stage 1 Diagnostics, Inc.
Developed a panel of novel diagnostic tests capable of detecting early stage cancers, including ovarian and prostate.

Logo - Tocol Pharmaceuticals
Tocol Pharmaceuticals, LLC*
Developing a radioprotectant / radiomitigator which selectively protects normal cells without protecting cancer cells.  Click here for an article from MetroTrends 2015 Economic Review & Outlook.

Logo - TYPE4
Type IV Technologies, LLC*
Wart removal therapy.


* For more information, contact Dr. Nancy Gray at (501) 686-6696.